Historical Background of Gurjar Kshatriya Kadia Community

In this article we are getting information about Shri Gurjar Kshatriya Kadia community since inception of earth. The circumstances in which our forefathers have lived their life. How they evolved. The age of our forefather counted as Royal/Mighty & they emerged as very powerful citizens. When guru " PARSHURAM" took pledge to kill kshatriya's in order to take revenge of his father's death, kshatriya left their religion in order to save their life. Instead of saying Kshatriya Kumar they recognized themselves as Kumbhar (POTTER) to save their life as a part of their identity & finally they accepted word Kumbhar (POTTER).

History of Samaj in Mumbai

The appellation Mumbai is derived from Mumba or Maha-Amba— the name of the Hindu goddess Mumbadevi, and Aai — mother in Marathi.

mumbai In saurahstra, Kadia samaj people are know for travelling places for work. They where always during era of Moghuls, Maratha or any other king. Thye where needed to build Mandir & Masjids.

English colonies when first started making houses & buildings, our people travelled from Porbandar - ghogha to Surat through sea route. Tension caused from Maratha & Moghul directed English people to move to Mumbai.

Those days businessmans from Kapol Vaniya samaj use to travell through sea route and do business. Nema parekh was one such smart businessman belonging to Kapol samaj. He wrote letter to Governor with 12 points propositions. Governor accepted the idea, and Nema parekh came to Mumbai. Following him many people from Kutch & Khatiyavad area started heading for Mumbai.

Samaj Ni Vadiyo

Samaj Ni Vadiyo:- function halls and offices belonging to samaj.

List of all vadis across India


Shri Gurjar Kshatriya Gnati Mandal, London-UK.

Evolutionary Indian philosophy and culture in all spheres of life has substantially contributed to take mankind where it is today - and when the world is becoming compact, horizons of knowledge expanding, and Indians all over the world contributing their worthy mite in this revolutionary evolution; our community website aims at exposing and reminding our community members all over the world and more particularly the new generation of our strong roots to further reinforce our mettle. Our website’s chaste blissful viewing will also vividly portray our strong Indian and Kshatriya heritage, which has sustained and outlived various onslaughts during our migrations and settlements and every time emerged stronger.

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