Historical Background of Gurjar Kshatriya Kadia Community

In this article we are getting information about Shri Gurjar Kshatriya Kadia community since inception of earth. The circumstances in which our forefathers have lived their life. How they evolved. The age of our forefather counted as Royal/Mighty & they emerged as very powerful citizens. When guru " PARSHURAM" took pledge to kill kshatriya's in order to take revenge of his father's death, kshatriya left their religion in order to save their life. Instead of saying Kshatriya Kumar they recognized themselves as Kumbhar (POTTER) to save their life as a part of their identity & finally they accepted word Kumbhar (POTTER).

After 558 AD the rule of our forefather came into existence, following the rules of like "Chavda","Solanki", "Parmar", " Jethwa"," Makwana", "Bhati" & " Chauhan" have enjoyed their rules. This age is existed till 1400 A.D.& there after the period of "Sultan" & "Mogals" came into existence. In order to save the life from the harassments & cruelty of Muslim ( Mogal) rulers, our forefathers gave up their Kshatriya religion & started to work as soldiers of Britishers & Mogals. Brave story of King Vasantraj Chahuna & Shurapura's Pillar (Shurapura na Paliya) & remains of sad period is the existence of Kshatriya's existence. During the period of Maratha's & Britishers our forefathers used to do farming in order to live their life. Unity & status of Kshatriya's were broken after 1400A.D.

In our community person like " Ganga Maru" did hard work to to unite roaming Kshatriya's family & send them to Kutchh from different part of Saurashtra. Thety developed a village named " Ghaneti" & settled Kshatriya's family overthere. One troop settled to "Saver" Village from Kutchh & that famous as "Saver Kundla" and from few of them went to Hallar (Guj) & throught India. They took interest in activity like agriculture, mason, and construction work to suit with the situation. New big palaces, big wells & steps of lakes & building were build. Our forefathers have accepted the situation suited for there survival. And with time they accepted the surname of " Kadia" or "Mistry" due to their preoffesional need.

Various Kshatriya's community migrated to Marvad, Mewad, Kutchh & other part of Kutchh from Saurshtra. Due to problems like drought, hunger and natural obstacles our forefathers have accepted their life as an mason, farmer etc. It was believed that our fore fathers were Kshatriya's & they started making massonary tools. During this religion & spirituality was brought in air by god Swaminarayana & saint Maharshishi Dayananda(Arya samaj).

Our forefather left the agriculture activities courageously & started going abroad. They did lot fo hard work & made their children literate & became self sufficient. Our community people have contribution in getting freedon & independence for our country.

Our community became self reliant through education & service abroad. They taught them civil work & made them stable institutions for our societies welfare were established. Society were developed with an intentions to help each other through co-operation & assistance of society welfare institutions. Government has assigned big contracts to our community people for their quality work in construction& engineering work like railway's , hospitals, bridges etc . On that basis our community people came forward and became rich and success.

We have proud for our Kshatriya Kadia community, which has passed from difficult period of the history. It will remain forever.

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