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Welcome to Matrimonial section of In order to use the Matrimonial site, you must register as a member of the Site and agree to be bound by these rules:

To register as a member of KadiaSamaj-Matrimonial or use this Site, you must be of legal marriageable age [females 18+, males 21+]

Multiple profiles of the same person are not allowed.

Once you register, it usually takes 24 hours to review your profile and publish it. Once your profile is approved, you are allowed to login and visit others profile.

Any profile without picture, will not be approved.

Profile approval will be completely at discretion of Moderators. In case of missing important information like contact details, Age etc, profile will not get approved.

Membership and rights of admission is reserved solely for members of Shri Gurjar Kshatriya Kadiya Samaj. reserves the right to edit/delete your photo/details if it's not a valid/clear/related one.

Frequently asked Questions

Some of the common questions for Matrimonial section.

Are contact details of profiles in [Matrimonial list] publicly visible ?
No. Only people who have personal matrimonial profile created, can view contact details of other profile.

How to create profile ?
Profile creation is 3 step process.
step 1) email address & password details
step 2) Basic profile details (age, education etc)
step 3) Picture upload
It takes not more than 5 minutes to create profile. You can start here.

What is profile aprroval process ?
Once you create profile, website administrator will approve it. Approval is done in max 24 hours.

What are conditions for profile to get approved ?
Profile approval will be on basis of complete information provided. Picture is compulsory for approval.

I created my profile since more than 24 hours, but why is it still not approved ?
May be you didn't provide important information like [family details], [contact details] and [picture]. Once you update all information, your profile will get approved and you can check contact details of all profiles.

Why do you ask for Email address ?
Automatic emails are sent when profile gets approved. We would appreciate if you make sure that you are using Valid and active Email address. There are many websites which provide free emails viz: [] [] [] , pls. create one Email address for communication. If you provide invalid/inactive Email address you will not recieve Important mails(if there are any) from

I do not have picture ?
Please visit some local photo studio for help OR scan your picture at some cybercafe.

Can I change profile details & Picture ?
Yes. You can easily change profile details and Picture at any point of time, once you are logged in.

How to remove/delete my profile from website ?
Please contact us here OR write a mail to

I was creating profile and all of sudden I got some error message ?
We apologies for inconvenience. Website has been tested thoroughly and works fine most of the time. In case you got some error message, we request you to try same steps again in few minutes. If you continue to face problem please let us know on "contact" form OR write a mail to

I have some questions/suggestion/issues ?
Please contact us here OR write a mail to

Does team have any suggestions for members who want to create matrimonial profile?
1) Make sure you give detailed contact information this will help more people to get in touch with your family.
2) Get a nice picture from Photo Studio, this small investment will make big difference.
3) Write in detail about Family background, hobbies, personalities; This helps to get more idea about your personality. Quality of picture and information added, shows how much you respect people who visit your profile.

New Changes

Matrimonial profiles approval will take upto 5 days. If your profile is not approved for more then 5 days, please write an email to

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