Before selecting a Life partner

Wisdom In Choosing Life Partner.

English translation of gujarati article contributed by Shri KanjiBhai Vaghela (Vadodara). Also have a look at original Gujarati article here .

  • Use intellect to select partner and not emotions.

  • Take your time to ask several questions before making conclusion. This will help you understand more about personality of the person you want select.

  • Never make decision influenced by emotional pressure from family members or friends.

  • Nowadays there are many people who trust Horoscope compatibility as ultimate deciding factor. It could be one of the factor in whole process.

  • Many times one starts feeling unsecured after getting negative response from 4-5 families And then looses confidence. Such negative thought process should be avoided and complete intellect should be used in selecting partner.

  • Avoid keeping external appearance as only deciding factor in the selection process. Try to look for skills and goodness beyond physical appearance.
    Have you ever thought of keeping "Sence of humour" as one of the plus point ?
    Life at times can get complex but few good qualities like that can make it easy.

  • Frequency or Mindset or Thought process, have you heard of these buzz words. They make great difference in life. If two partners don't have matching thought process whole system goes for toss. When you are meeting someone for marriage proposal be true to yourself and front person. It's very important to get an idea of how does your partner think on general issues of life.

  • Looks, Money, any such material aspects don't complete the picture. Our traditional scriptures have thought us that personality; spiritual outlook; gives more meaning to life. We live in an "instant solutions" society which may not give long lasting results. So make sure you start looking at an object from different angles to get complete idea of it.

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