Amreli, Gujarat

Amreli is district head quarter of Gujarat State with population of about 1.5 lakhs. This place has given many saints like Mahatma Muldas, Bhojabhagat, Muktanand Swami, who showed people spirituality as way of life.

Today thousands of Samaj families live in Amreli, many do traditional business of Building construction. There are many, who now work in Banking, Insurance, Revenue and other departments. Some of the families have moved to USA, Dubai, Europe and other foreign countries.

Samuh Lagan

Presently Gnati Wadi is in Chandni Chowk, Savjipara. This facility is Constructed land of around 5000 sq ft. With the growing need, AMRELI SAMAJ has newly purchased a land of 20000 sq ft., everyone is contributing to construct a huge Wadi on this premises. Initial stage of planning and estimation is completed and development work will start within couple of months. With vast experience and skills in field of construction, if needed, Amreli SAMAJ is in capacity to achieve this milestone in very small duration.


Since 1990, Amreli Samaj has regularly organized events such as "SAMHU LAGNA", Vishvakarma Jayanti. It has made Valuable contribution in field of education by distributing Notebooks, textbooks at relief rate, and in some cases sponsored fees for needy children. Amreli Samaj has organized, Blood Donation camps, Grouping Camp. Apart from regular events, Amreli was sincere helper for victims of natural calamities like Earth Quake and Tsunami.

They have a big achievement of successfully organizing 17 SAMHU LAGNA till date.

Jan Samuday

Trustee And Volunteers

Amreli Has a own trust of our Gnati "Ramji Mandir Trust".
Some of the important members of Turst:

Trikambhai Kalabhai TankLakhmanbhai Gediya
Mohanbhai NAthabhai Parmar Khimjibhai Kanjibhai Chauhan
Parshottambahi Becharbhai Tank Dhirubhai Haribhai Mandora
Harjivanbhai Parshottambahi Tank Thakarsibhai Bhimjibhai Tank
Valjibhai Hirjibhai Tank B.K.Chauhan
Ramjibhai Thakrshibhai Poriya Ramjibhai Anandjibhai TAnk
Vallabhbhai Rathod Ravjibhai Laxmanbhai Kacha
Govindbhai Rjanbhai Tank Kantibhai Haribhai Mandora
Kanubhai Haribahi Mandora Babubhai Valjibhai Tank
Shree Bhikubhai Naranbhai Maru  


Shree Bhagwanjibhai Kanjibhai Tank(B K Tank) is guiding samaj as President,since 1979. With him Rasikbhai Solanki, Maganbhai Hirjibhai Tank, Dipakbhai Maganbhai Rathod, Kaushikbhai Khushalbhai Tank, Mansukhbhai Devjibhai Chauhan, Pravinbhai Gola, Dilipbhai Ramjibhai Maru are working as active contributors.

Blood Donation Camp

Kaushikbhai Khushalbhai Tank, Civil Engineer by profession, is one of the young active member for samaj events, since 1989. He has played role of trustee since 2000.
Kaushikbhai is member and was past secretary of LIONS CLUB of AMRELI (City).
His family has remained active with Samaj work since long time. Previously Trikambhai Kalabhai Tank, Parshottambhai Becharbhai Tank, Harjivanbhai Parshottambhai Tank, all from same family, where trustee and contributed whole heartedly for samaj work.
Harjivanbhai is Ex Mamlatdaar and has played major role for our new wadi's land in context of sanctions and other necessary formal documentations.
Kaushalhai can be contacted at:
Er.Kaushik K.Tank
3-Sardarnagar,Chakkargadh Road,AMRELI-365601,
(R) +912792220480,(M)+919825235185
kaushiktank [at]

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