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Ever wanted to know more about Samaj in different cities in India and abroad ?
In this section you will find information on samaj ativities from different cities.

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Amreli, Gujarat.

On behalf of whole Samaj, we are thankful to members from Amreli Samaj to take initiative and send us information and pictures of their events and members

Savar Kundla

Shri Gurjar Kshtriya Kadia Gnati Samaj – Savar Kundla

Kadia Kumbhar Samaj are considered as descendant of God Vishwakarma, the architect of the world. Today people of our samaj have spread its glory around the world. We feel glad to share that more than 1500 family of our samaj stay in Savar Kundla which we believe is the highest figure compare to any other place in the world. 1500 families have been divided into 19 zones named as ‘Tada‘. Each Tada has its two leaders who manage the system.

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